xAIgent Sample.

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Paste your text (maximum 2,000,000 characters) in to the text box below, select the language (NOTE: Auto Detect will not work with Japanese or Korean), select the appropriate number of key phrases to return, enter the code and press the button to extract the key phrases from the text ...

Text to extract
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 Key Phrases to return
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PLEASE NOTE: The Score value returned from the service for each key phrase is a relative score value. The score of a phrase is an estimate of its value as a keyphrase (The higher the number relative to the other numbers, the more valuable). Keyphrases are ranked in order of descending score. A score can be any positive real number. The scores with long documents as input tend to be higher than the scores with short documents. For some applications, it might be desirable to normalize the score so that the scores of keyphrases from different documents can be compared. For more information on normalizing the scores please visit the Technical Information page.