The xAIgent



The xAIgent is a restful service implementation of the Extractor key phrase extraction technology (www.extractor.com) which is a patented technology developed over a seven year incubation period by the Interactive Information Technology Group at the National Research Council of Canada. , The genesis of Extractor was a thesis exploring the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Specifically, how the growing proliferation of information and intellectual property, primarily via the World Wide Web, could be refined and sourced with certainty and relevance. The application of artificial intelligence married with the theories of machine learning would prove to be very effective.  (please read the published research papers by Dr. Peter Turney, the author, the research fellow and the person with unnerving vision.)

We know and experience today the great results of Dr. Turney's research efforts, now in version 7.2, Extractor is a proven solution providing developers with the tool for better sourcing of information and most importantly its contextual meaning. As a pure research facility the National Research Council of Canada is not mandated to commercialize its successful results. At the point where a research project reaches its pinnacle private investment and commercialization partner(s) are invited. In the case of Extractor DBI Technologies Inc. became the successful funding and commercialization partner securing the world wide licensing, marketing, and distribution rights.

For more information on the Extractor technology please visit www.extractor.com.