Technical Information

  The wsdl (Web Services Description Language) file for the xAIgent web service can be found at http://xaigentengine.azurewebsites.net/DBIXService.svc?wsdl.

The xAIgent restful service GetExtraction method takes an xml request and returns an xml response.

The parameters for the request are ...

SubscriptionID - String value ... this is a required parameter.

ApplicationID - String value ... defaults to "Not Specified".  This can be used to identify the application calling the service.

xTractionDocument - String value ... the text to be extracted.  This is a required parameter.

NumberOfPhrases2Return - Integer value ... Determines the number of key phrases to be extracted from the xTractionDocument.  A value between 3 and 30.  If not specified the value defaults to 3.

LanguageID - Integer value ... specifies the language for the xTractionDocument. If not specified the value defaults to 0 (Auto detect).
                     0 - Auto detect language (NOTE: Auto detect does not work with Japanese or Korean)
                     1 - English
                     2 - French
                     3 - Japanese
                     4 - German
                     5 - Spanish
                     6 - Korean

It is important to note that the xTractionDocument is text and therefore it must be cleaned of invalid xml characters prior to submitting the text in a request.  A list of valid XML characters can be found here.

The response returns an Extraction Result which is a list of Keyphrase objects that have three values associated with each object.  Each Keyphrase object in the response contains ...

Keyphrase - String value. Phrase from the xTractionDocument consisting of one, two, or three words.

Score - Double value. The score of a phrase is an estimate of its value as a keyphrase. Keyphrases are ranked in order of descending score. A score can be any positive real number. The scores with long documents as input tend to be higher than the scores with short documents.

Highlight - String value. A highlight is a sentence from the xTractionDocument that shows the keyphrase in context.

The xAIgent restful service GetTokenStatus method takes an xml request and returns an xml response.

The parameters for the request are ...

Token2Inspect - String value ... this is your Subscription ID. NOTE: This is a required parameter.

The response returns a TokenStatusResult which contains ...

TokenValid - a value of 1 indicates the Subscription ID is valid.

TokenStatus - a value of 1 indicates Token Active, 2 indicates Token Active Pending Auto Step, 3 indicates Token Active Period Maximum Reached, a value of 99 indicates Token Inactive.

Days2Reset - the number of days until the period transactions are reset to 0.

TransactionsMaximum - the maximum number of transactions allowed in a period.

TransactionsRemaining - the number of transactions remaining in the period.